Waterfind USA is an innovative water resources company that provides software-as-a-service solutions for water management, accounting and transfers.


PowWow provides a farming decision-support tool that leverages machine learning to solve practical problems in agriculture. It is perfectly suited for growers who want to increase their profit margins and pass a sustainable farm onto the next generation.


BioFiltro employs nature’s most effective cleaners, earthworms and micro-organisms, to enable clients to achieve profitable sustainability. Meet discharge requirements while minimizing wastewater management expenses, acreage used for land application, or industrial sewage discharge bills with our biofiltration process.

Ag H20

Ag H20 is company focusing on Ag Consulting


Dynamax’s work is in the design and manufacture of unique and beneficial systems for assisting in understanding, regulating and managing plant, soil, water, solar and wind resources. Basically, we offer meticulous solutions and provide the vital link between the plant and its environment. Our customer base involves researchers, universities, agronomists, horticulturists the forest science community and sports field management.


Sterilized dry-powered bio-fuel that can be used as a coal substitute to generate renewable energy and soil conditioner to release nutrients and hold soil moisture


AMI offers our clients end-to-end digital solutions implemented through easy integration with client hardware – and commissioning over a secure cloud to AMI’s or other analytics platforms.


WaterBit’s Automated Irrigation Solution (AIS) enables microblock control of local irrigation, taking into account plant stage, soil conditions and weather at a level of granularity and accuracy that is not possible with other current methods. WaterBit translates technology into tangible value for growers to improve yields, optimize water usage and labor-saving strategies.


BovControl is a data collection and analysis tool to improve performance on meat, milk and genetics production. Science and field practice bonded like never before.