AG/H2O Provides Agricultural Producers With Technological Solutions

October 3, 2012 7:49 pm

Overview of the California Agricultural Irrigation Environment

California has approximately 9.5 million irrigated acres and 2 million of those acres use drip/micro irrigation systems. Unlike other agricultural equipment, which are routinely maintained, upgraded and tuned for peak performance, irrigation system’s performance are rarely monitored or measured to allow the grower to keep the systems tuned for peak performance. Additionally, a large percentage of these systems were designed using emission devices that require higher energy to operate.

Recent innovations in the design and manufacturing of emission devices provide an opportunity to upgrade these existing systems, reducing operating pressures therefore reducing annual energy, water, chemical and nutrient costs. In addition, the performance of many of these systems have degraded over time to an operating efficiency of less than 70%; these systems are intended to operate at a level of 90% distribution uniformity.

Ag/H20 – Member of the Water, Energy & Technology Center

AG/H2O was founded to provide Agricultural Producers with technological solutions to the above situation; controlling the rising costs of water, energy and nutrients through practical measurement and innovatively engineered Irrigation System retrofits and upgrades. Simple, proven and available components used by the Global Water Industry are the basis of AG/H2O’s systems and services.

AG/H2O business principal is to provide water, energy and nutrient cost reduction programs and/or systems that will result in a return on investment of less than 2 years.

Training is a key component of the systems and services supplied by Ag/H20 to insure that Agricultural Producers continue to benefit from the technological solutions provided.

Jim Anshutz -Founder/Owner of Ag/H20

Jim Anshutz is a Registered Professional Agricultural Engineer that has over 30 years of experience in the California Agricultural Industry. He is the Founder and Owner of Ag/H20 located in Fresno,California.

Anshutz has designed, operated, maintained and monitored the performance of thousands of acres irrigated with drip/micro irrigation systems. Not only knowledgeable of the system components that are available in the market that can improve the system’s performance, he is aware of the funding and rebates available to help offset the cost of the purchase of upgrade or retrofit system components, further reducing the payback of the investment required.

In addition, Jim Anshutz has worked as:

  • Irrigation Engineer for Superior Farming Company where he was responsible for all Irrigation Services. This include project concept development, computerized design and irrigation scheduling, installation and management for 40,000 acres of diversified agriculture;
  • Partner in an Agricultural Farm Management company with Metropolitan Life Insurance.;
  • Irrigation Manager for Modesto Irrigation District;
  • Managing Director for an International Distributor of Irrigation Equipment in South East Asia;
  • Technical Director with NetafimUSA, located in Fresno, California.

Anshutz is a new member of the Water, Energy and Technology Center. He looks forward to being a part of the group and is happy to educate the agricultural community of his services that will provide opportunities to reduce grower’s input costs and increase their profitability.  Growers can schedule an infield evaluation of their irrigation system’s performance to provide recommended upgrades to immediately begin saving money.

For more information, visit Ag/H2O online at or email Anshutz at or call at 559-779-3610.