The Water, Energy and Technology Center provides an entryway for entrepreneurs, innovators, and business at all stages to accelerate commercialization, business/product launch, and/or the development of new technologies.


The Central Valley Business Incubator (CVBI), a not-for-profit 501(9c)3 corporation, was founded in 1996. With its focus on general business, the organization has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start and grow their business. To accelerate growth in the water, energy and ag technology sector, the WET Center was built in 2007 as a triple partnership between CVBI, the International Center for Water Technology (ICWT), and California State University,  Fresno. Due to its unique set of services and facility, the WET Center became the link that connects entrepreneurs, innovators, service providers, community organizations, academia and leaders in the water,energy and ag industry. Join us – and see for yourself.

The Facility

The WET Lab, built in 2007, is the first green building to be constructed on the campus of Fresno State. The photo-voltaic panels on the building’s roof are capable of generating up to 50 kilowatts of power. Operating parallel to grid power, solar-generated power can be used to run a 50 horsepower pump. The panels will produce enough power in 1 year to meet the energy needs equal to 10 to 15 homes. There are five offices for onsite members, with services that include: access to a conference room, copier/fax machines, reception, Internet, phone and mail services, and more.

Testing capabilities: the WET has a 22 foot deep test pit holding 53,000 gallons of water. The test pump motor has a 300 Hp1 pump with a testing capacity of 500 to 6,000 GPM.