Connecting Ag Tech Firms with Resources For Accelerating Growth

Mission Statement

The WET Center provides connections, resources, and business support for entrepreneurs and high-potential technology companies in the central San Joaquin Valley focusing on water, energy, and agriculture. The WET Center’s vision is to have a thriving water, energy and agriculture technology industry in the central San Joaquin Valley creating a strong economic base with high-paying knowledge-based careers

Who We Are

The Water, Energy and Technology Center is an independent, lean 501 (C)3 organization, located at Fresno State campus in the heart of central San Joaquin Valley. The WET Center provides an entryway for entrepreneurs, innovators, and businesses at all stages to accelerate commercialization, business/product launch, and/or the development of new technologies. We want to create new businesses, help them grow, and with this growth, create jobs for the central San Joaquin Valley.

What We Do

Thanks to the sophisticated lab testing and water experts at our partner group, International Center for Water Technology (ICWT), entrepreneurs and innovators have access to a rich and substantial number of resources to help test, validate, and mature their concepts. However, our value is in our network and the services we provide to entrepreneurs. Our approach is to treat each entrepreneur individually and identify how we can contribute to make the entrepreneur successful. We connect AgTech firms with resources for accelerating growth to establish the central San Joaquin Valley as the water, energy, and agriculture technology hub. The WET Center is thriving to become to your “one-stop-shop” to link entrepreneurs to our ecosystem of experts, advisers, industry, and academia. The WET Center is directed by a board of local industry leaders, regional academic institutions, business associations and financial institutions with the common goal of cultivating innovation and economic prosperity in the San Joaquin Valley.

Testing capabilities: the WET has a 22 foot deep test pit holding 53,000 gallons of water. The test pump motor has a 300 Hp1 pump with a testing capacity of 500 to 6,000 GPM.